Friday, August 5, 2011

This week features radio host and debut author Joann Hamann-Buchanan

Joann Hamann-Buchanan is the host of FATE Radio's The Eclectic Artist Cave as well as a wonderful writier. Her debut book Soulless Light has been picked up by World Castle Publishing and will be available soon. She can be reached through Facebook at!/theEAC1.

To Turn Pages would like to thank Joann for taking the time to stop by.

1: Did you always want to be a writer? Do you have a day job?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pilot. I wanted to fly. I couldn’t see though, so that wasn’t going to happen. Then when I was a kid, I was grounded A LOT.  I wasn’t allowed to watch tv or talk on the phone. I was only aloud to read or write. Well I had read everything I had so I started writing. I loved it right off the bat. I loved being able to escape and create new worlds and kill off people I was pissed with. 

My day job is my radio show called The Eclectic Artist Cave. I have a blast doing my show. I’m actually looking for a sponsor for it now that my numbers are good. I love being able to talk to some of the up and coming and current great writers we have today. I was able to talk to David B. Coe about writing and that was a dream come true. He is a huge influence in my writing and the way I write.

2: What is your favorite genre to read?

I like a lot of genre’s but I lean more towards horror and fantasy. I just love getting chills. I’m also a sucker for a good romance. There is nothing in the world like being able to disappear into a story.

3: Who is your favorite author?

Frank Herbert, David B. Coe, Stephen King, Cara Lockwook,  and I have just recently added R.A. Salvatore, Lindsey Gray and Joe Hill to that list. They draw me in and I am able to really get the feel of the characters. The stories take me away. Some make me laugh, other cry, but the best ones are the ones that make me think. I love it when I don’t know what’s coming next.
4: What is your all-time favorite book, the one you can read over and over?

Dune, the entire series. Without a doubt there is always something new that I missed and it always makes me think.  

5: How does it feel to become a published writer? How has your life changed?

I just received an offer for my first contract from World Castle Publishing for Soulless Light. It’s a novella that is going to be available on ebook. Still in a surreal state of mind. My life is different every day..lmao.

6: What makes you want to turn pages?

The single question, what’s going to happen next. I love being able to really get to know the characters and love being taken away so as long as the story isn’t predictable, I’m all for it.  

7: Any writing regrets?

I don’t really look at life with regret. More like a learning experience. There is always something you can improve on or make better. It’s just a matter of doing the work and being willing to learn from those before you.

8: Do you plan to cross genres?

I always write in cross genres…lol I don’t mean to, it just happens. It’s where the story takes me. I have a hard time not putting romance with horror or fantasy with science fiction or mainstream with a twist of horror. I don’t really stick with a single genre. I think that’s where the fun is.

9: What inspires you?

Life. Take a look around. Everyone has a story. There is an old woman who lives down the street and she talks to herself a lot. I wrote a story about her and she was not talking to herself, she was talking to her dead husband. Observations are the key to bringing in truth and reality to writing.
10: What’s next and when? How can you be reached?

Soulless Light is going to be available soon through World Castle Publishing. Also, The Burning Times is currently being edited now.  The Eclectic Artist Cave has just teamed up with the Queen of YA, Stacey O’Neale. She is going to be a guest host with me on Wednesdays.

Want to add anything?

The best advice that was ever given to me was by David B. Coe. He said to be nice no matter how big or small you are. I think that’s the best advice ever because people don’t like being treated bad and we live once so might as well make it positive! Also, if you have a goal, don’t give up. Let life take you where it will, because it’s always going to be a ride…J

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