Friday, July 8, 2011

Meet editor and writer A.L. Kay

This week, editor turned writer A.L. Kay is taking the time to stop by To Turn Pages.

1: Did you always want to be a writer? Do you have a day job?

            Actually, no.  I did start to write at twelve years old, but never thought I could be an actual author.
            Yes.  I have two children, which is a job in its own, and then I also own my own editing business, Ashley’s Freelance Editing.  Plus I am a college student, Psychology major.

2: What is your favorite genre to read?

            I love to read all genres, as long as the book holds an interest to me, then I will read it. I am more drawn to supernatural/paranormal reads though.  No, not just vampires, and werewolfs, but fae/fairies/pixies, ghosts, mermaids, dragons, witches, etc. too.

3: Who is your favorite author?

            Oh, man, that is a hard question.  I have so many I like, I do not think I could just pick one.  Don’t make me!  Hehe.

4: What is your all-time favorite book, the one you can read over and over?

            The one book I have seem to read over and over again is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  I read it many times as a kid.

5: How does it feel to become a published writer? How has your life changed?

            I am ecstatic to be published, but my life has not really changed at all.  I am still me and everything is still the same.

6: What makes you want to turn pages?

            When you get to that part of the book that is full of action, or makes you want to know what’s next, even if it is three in the morning.  It can be the action for me, a drama moment, or even a love moment.

7: Any writing regrets?

Yes, I wish I had started doing this a lot sooner, hehe.

8: Do you plan to cross genres?

            I do not plan anything, even my stories are not planned.  If I happen to, then so be it.  I just write whatever comes to me.

9: What inspires you?

            Everything seems to be able to inspire me; the rain, sunsets, my kids, the stars, etc.  I do not think I could actually pinpoint anything for sure.  I see so many different things in life that inspire me, even old houses.

10: What is your personal writing strength? i.e. dialogue, tone, setting, etc…

            I believe my strength would be dialogue, though what do I know really?  I just write it, hehe.  Others might think my strength could be elsewhere.

11: Are you still editing too or are you leaning more toward simply writing?

            I am still editing.  Editing is my main focus; writing is just a thing I do on the side.  Most of my writing waits on the back burner till I have a break to work on it.  I love writing, but I also love editing and my clients.  I just signed a bunch of contracts with people for editing.  J

12: What’s next and when? How can you be reached?

            I am currently working on the rest of Nightmares, which will be longer.  Nightmares is more of a prologue to the rest of the story. The final story will be called Kamela.  I am also working on another project, no title yet. Then, one of my good friends, Trish Mauldin, author of “Becoming the Sheriff’s Wife” and I are co-writing a book.  We have not agreed on a title for it just yet, but it is YA (older YA). 

            I can be reached through Facebook under A.L. Kay.  I prefer to keep my email private, but please feel free to friend me on Facebook.

 Want to add anything?

                Yes, I would like to thank you for taking the time to interview me.  This is my first interview, but not my last.  I have others coming up also.
Well, you are most welcome A.L. Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the future.
Also, allow me to add that Nightmares is rather intense and certainly places the reader into a terrifying scenario…the dark street…late at night and alone, quite a frightening prospect that you capture very well. If this prologue is any indication of what the rest of the tale includes, the reader is most assuredly in for a chilling read. 
Nightmares is available for download at Vamptasy Publishing (


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