Thursday, July 14, 2011

Carole Gill...Not Limited to Vampires...

While vampires may be her primary forte, it is not her only writing interest. Her most recent work, THE HOUSE ON BLACKSTONE MOOR, includes madness, vampirism, obsession and devil worshiping and was just released in paperback. To Turn Pages would like to thank her for taking time to stop by.

1: Did you always want to be a writer? Do you have a day job?

Not consciously. I think though it was there in the background, lurking in the shadows! Waiting for its turn to come out and take over, because it does take over! It is (if you’ll excuse the melodrama) like a Hyde persona waiting to come out!

I did have all sorts of day jobs, but my husband, saint that he is, gave me my shot three years ago. He basically said, go for it, we’ll manage. It’s been difficult but we managed and I’ve never written so much in my life!

2: What is your favorite genre to read?

Horror really but I particularly enjoy horror that is historical.

 3: Who is your favorite author?

Daphne DuMaurier, if I had to name one. I was 12 when I read Rebecca. Her writing both inspired and shaped the writing I would do.

4: What is your all-time favorite book, the one you can read over and over?

Rebecca, from the opening line: ‘Last night I dreamt I went to Manderlay again...’
I’m hooked as a reader. I want to know more. However, let me say this! I am no longer 12 and over the years I have wanted to take books like Rebecca, Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre and make them far darker and more intense.

If those novels had been written today, the storylines and characters would blow readers out of the water.

I’m not talking paranormal romance with racy bits. I’m talking about taking the gothic horror novel and gothic romance novel where it has never dared to go before.

I’ve already begun doing it and I’m delighted with the response I’m getting by the way!

5: How does it feel to become a published writer? How has your life changed?

It feels good, and yes my life has changed in that I’ve had to become more organized in order to get things done!

I find too that promotion is far more difficult than writing!  

6: What makes you want to turn pages?

A fast-moving plot, characters that I care about and a story that grips me from the first sentence; I want to be thrilled, enticed, hooked and entertained!

7: Any writing regrets?

Not really. I consider the entire process a learning experience and any mistakes or misjudgments are chalked up as experiences to learn from. 

8: Do you plan to cross genres?


I love to do that! I want to take horror and history and blend them.

I want to shake up the gothic horror/romance genre and make it wicked and dark, darker than it’s ever been and perhaps yet darker still with storylines that would have given publishers heart attacks in times past!
I want to redefine the whole genre/subgenre!

9: What inspires you?

Music, images, what I read. Where I live inspires me. I live in Yorkshire and walking on farmland with my dogs is inspiring. Gray, grim windswept Yorkshire inspires me. The sound of howling wind in the chimneys, the rattle of windows in their frames is inspiring.

I love reading all sorts of myths and legends and am inspired from that as well.

History too inspires me. In researching for the sequel/prequel to my novel, I am reading loads of history and that inspires me. In short, I suppose you could say everything inspires!

10: What’s next and when? How can you be reached?

The sequel to The House on Blackstone Moor is to be released later this year. It is entitled Unholy Testament and features an immortal being, the son of a fallen angel who is mad, campy and evil. Eco first appeared in The House on Blackstone Moor.

The story basically is that he has written a journal of his existence which is actually a confession of all the evil he has done.

I’m enjoying it so much, although it’s very hard work.

I can be reached here:


Facebook Author Page


Want to add anything?

Well, I’d like to say that the horror genre is a very broad church. There is room in it for a variety of horror styles and approaches.

I like to embrace those differences and frankly, I do enjoy writing in different styles too. Although I love my vampires and fallen angels (evil and not) I do enjoy writing zombie gore-stories as well!

I think writers should always be able to surprise readers, it keeps us awake and on track and really, the more readers we appeal to, the better!


  1. thanks so much, Thomas!
    what a pleasure to be here.
    Loved the questions!
    For a writer with your sort of talent to have me here I am honored. Truly, thanks again.

  2. Great interview! We all come to writing in different ways, and it's so fascinating to read about the things we share as writers. Of course, perhaps in other aspects we are not the same. That is also wonderful to learn.

    I learned from this interview. That makes me happy.