Friday, July 1, 2011

Blaze McRob - Never too late to write horror...

Blaze McRob is a rather prolithic writer who may have gotten a late start, but certainly hasn't wasted any time in catching up. Constantly churning out tales that invoke both shivers and thought, he is certainly one to watch. To Turn Pages would like to thank Blaze for taking the time to stop by.

1: Did you always want to be a writer? Do you have a day job?

I didn’t get the compulsion to write until I turned thirty eight, and then it hit me big time. I had so many stories that needed telling. It was like a “calling.”

2: What is your favorite genre to read?

Horror, without a doubt. I read many other genres: mystery, sci-fi, political, history, erotica- the list is long. But horror is where it’s at for me.

3: Who is your favorite author?

The great Edgar Allan Poe! Whether it was poetry or prose, he was the master.

4: What is your all-time favorite book, the one you can read over and over?

“The Old Man And The Sea,” by the great Ernest Hemingway. A short read but a masterful story. I was in my teens when the great man died. I cried.

5: How does it feel to become a published writer? How has your life changed?

I’m still the same me: flawed, always striving to become a better person, not always hitting the target but never giving up. Writing is not the end-all. It is merely a part of life. Love is the most important thing. We can sell a hundred novels, all of them best sellers, and what does it matter if we are alone? I am a very fortunate man. This fall, Yvonne and I will be together. Then I will be truly happy. We are both writers so we will be there for each other.

As far as life changes go, I am busier now than when I was working for the “man,” but I love my job and can do whatever I want whenever I want. I have a strong work ethic and don’t cave in to pressure. It would only be self-imposed anyway.

6: What makes you want to turn pages?

I love to open a book and see a lot of white space: short, crisp paragraphs; sentences of varying length; chapters that hit you with a “what the . . .”; constant flow; descriptions that explain just enough-no over-kill. Dialogue should be spoken like people really talk, and language should be real. If a man’s getting his heart torn out of his chest, he doesn’t say shucks. There must be inner turmoil, hardships, failures, triumphs. And the senses: God, we must more than see. A writer should make us feel, hear, smell, and taste everything.

7: Any writing regrets?

Only that I didn’t start sooner.

8: Do you plan to cross genres?

I already do. Mainly, I pen horror. I also write romantic love poems, adventure stories, mysteries, and non-fiction. Many of these cross over. I don’t believe in strict adherence to specific accepted norms. My stories are mine. I make the decision. For example: I just finished a novel which I’m doing edits on now. It is definitely horror but contains non-fiction, love, sex scenes, and God knows what else thrown in.

9: What inspires you?

Life, death, the interaction between the two. Love, hope. Horror, injustice. In short: everything.

10: Currently you are a writing team. Do either of you have personal novel aspirations?

Yvonne is writing “The Angelic,” book one of “The Dark Angels Saga.” As the title implies, parts of this are not nice/nice. This is the novel that brought us together and I am so happy that I will be by her side when she finishes it.

I am at work on my “ ‘68 Buick” Grim Reaper series. I am also working on my “The Devil’s Tongue Series,” and some individual works.

As you can see, we are both very busy.

11: What is your personal writing strength? i.e. dialogue, tone, setting, etc...

I paint the picture with all the senses. My pallet is multi-dimensional. My goal is for the reader to see what is inside the story people, why they do what they do. Their souls must be laid bare. That is my job.

12: Who's the better editor?

Let me put it like this. We both love each other’s work. We both love our own work. We overlook things. Sure, we can read and suggest. But the best thing to do? Hire an impartial Editor. We did that. Stacey Turner is our Editor. I don’t care if my novels will be published with Vamplit Publishing or not. Yes, Gaynor at Vamplit will edit some more. That’s fine. I don’t want her to receive crap from me. “The Angelic” could go to her or someone else or be published by our own press, Angelic Knight Press. No matter what, quality work is expected.

13: What’s next and when? How can you be reached?

The first story for Angelic Knight Press will be “Bipedal,” which Stacey has edited. We’re all excited! Yvonne has another sexy short story coming up about cannibals. Yes, I know: cannibals and sex? It’s really great! And then Yvonne will work on her masterpiece “The Angelic.”

As for me, I will have at least one novel out this year, “ ‘68 Buick.” However, the sequel “Bokor” is going well and could also come out this year. I also have some completed novels of a different sort to put out with Angelic Knight Press which I will do some edits on before handing them to Stacey. Then there are some shorts I’m working on and some others I’ve written which I might offer up.

We can both be reached on for Angelic Knight Press

My blog, Blaze Mcrob’s Tales Of Horror  is at

Yvonne’s blog, The Angelic is at

We can both be found on Facebook. Yvonne Bishop and Blaze McRob.

 Want to add anything?

I want to thank you, Thomas, for researching Yvonne and me enough to know we are a team. That shows a lot of respect and professionalism.

Also, I want to thank Yvonne for her faith in me, allowing me to play with my story people. I certainly love that we share the same passion for the written word. We so want the other to succeed and be happy. In life, love and writing.

Teamwork is great!


  1. Thomas, thank you for a great interview. Both Blaze and Yvonne are becoming such a presence in the horror writing community, but this interview showed they have interest in other genres as well! The two of them are professional, encouraging and their love for each other spills over into their written communication. There are many writers out in writer's land that wish them the best and can't wait to see what they produce!

  2. Thank-you for taking the time T.K. and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did too. And, I wholeheartedly agree. Great writers' both of them.

  3. Great interview! My bosses give me too much credit. They are both very talented writers, I just put the polish on the apple.

    Neither is just a talented writer though. Both are great people and caring friends.


  4. Thank you Thomas for the wonderful show-casing of Yvonne's talents and my aspirations. And pictures of both of us. You are the best!

    Also, I love to take every chance I have to praise my editor, Stacey Turner, who is not only a great Editor, but a wonderful human as well. EVERY writer needs a great Editor. We have one. What fortunate people Yvonne and I are.

    Don't forget that we are a community of writers and artists. I am so thankful for that. I am surrounded by great friends such as yourself, Thomas. You bring sunshine into my day!